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    Verona Pooth is looking for her bottom


    In recent years, Verona Pooth has enjoyed presenting herself on Instagram. Now she proves that she has the perfect pose.

    The Pooth family likes to put themselves in the spotlight on their social media channels. The 20-year-old San Diego Pooth recently documented his training successes – and received compliments on his abdominal muscles from his followers.

    His mother Verona Pooth also always scores points with her appearance. Whether it’s a daring two-piece suit, a glamorous red carpet outfit or an eye-catching leopard look – her styling causes a stir. In a revealing swimsuit, she now draws her fans’ attention to a very specific area of ​​her body.

    “Where’s that big butt?”

    Verona Pooth is currently enjoying the sun in Dubai. She also has a large selection of bathing clothes in her luggage. She shows her followers a very special example on Instagram: The one-piece is an eye-catcher not only with its two contrasting colors, but also thanks to its deep neckline. Two photos show the 55-year-old in the tight garment: In both social media photos she looks at herself in the mirror, but chose a different perspective in each case.

    Verona Pooth is surprised at how different she looks in the two photos. “Where did that big butt go in the second photo?” she asks herself in the caption. The difference doesn’t go unnoticed by her followers either, but one user with a trained social media eye notes: “It’s all a matter of perspective.” The moderator receives a number of compliments from the other users: “If only all women were so beautiful,” “Absolute dream woman” and “You look enchanting in every photo,” can be read in the comments.

    Verona Pooth has been in the public eye for over 30 years. After she scored an international hit with “Ritmo de la Noche” in 1990 and also successfully took part in beauty pageants, she started her TV career. Today it is impossible to imagine the media industry without her and is a very welcome guest at celebrity events. She has now built up a considerable community on social media, with 636,000 people following her on Instagram alone.

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