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    Only just under a third of Germans want to save energy in 2024


    Losing weight, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol: There are many good New Year’s resolutions. And actually saving energy was also part of it.

    Saving energy as a New Year’s resolution is significantly less popular in households this year than in 2022. This emerges from surveys carried out by the opinion research institute Yougov for the energy service provider Ista.

    While around a year ago around 43 percent of Germans resolved to use less energy in their household, in 2023 the figure will be only 29 percent, as Ista reported in Essen on Friday.

    36 percent of Germans do not want to change their behavior

    2,040 people aged 18 and over were surveyed between December 12th and 14th. According to Yougov, the results are representative of the population aged 18 and over in Germany.

    According to the information, six percent of Germans are now planning to use much less energy. 23 percent want to reduce their energy consumption somewhat. 36 percent of Germans do not want to change their consumption behavior and believe they are already on the right track. Five percent want to heat more. 26 percent said they would not make any New Year’s resolutions. The rest did not provide any information.

    High costs as the main aspect for saving

    Of those who want to use less energy, 58 percent said they wanted to heat less in all rooms. 13 percent would like to install electronic thermostatic valves. Nine percent want to work in the office more often so that they have to heat less at home.

    Switching off electrical appliances completely (52 percent) and selecting washing programs at a lower temperature (45 percent) also remain popular energy saving methods in 2024. Only nine percent want to take a cold shower. 26 percent of those who want to use less energy in 2024 want to use an energy-saving shower head.

    For 63 percent of Germans, the main motivation for saving energy is the cost aspect. Environmental and climate protection follows in second place with 19 percent.

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