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    This robot isn't just cute


    LG shows a robot in Las Vegas that looks like a cute toy. But the little one has a lot going for it, which is not just due to its artificial intelligence.

    An AI household helper has to look likeable in order to be sold. LG has achieved this with its as yet unnamed robot, which will roll through apartments on two wheels in the future. But as cute as the little robot looks, it is anything but just a toy.

    Alexa gets jealous

    The smart helper presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, for example, uses autonomous driving technology to navigate independently through the house. The robot can talk to its users and also express emotions with movements of its flexible leg joints. According to LG, it is able to understand the context and intentions of users and actively communicate with them.

    When they come home, the robot greets them at the front door, recognizes their emotions by analyzing their voice and facial expressions and plays the appropriate music. It supports them with recurring tasks, such as finding transport connections, providing information about the current weather conditions and reminding them of personal appointments or taking medication.

    If he is alone at home, the robot patrols the rooms independently. If it notices unusual activity, an open window or a light that is switched on, it sends notifications to its owner's smartphone.

    Movable smart home hub

    The AI ​​helper also uses a camera to keep an eye on pets and can help save energy by connecting to smart sockets and turning off unused devices. In general, it feels at home in the smart home because it can serve as a smart home hub and control all networked devices. Various sensors measure environmental data such as temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. According to the information received, he can carry out if-then actions, for example turning down the heating.

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