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    Czech Republic orders 77 modern Leopard tanks


    Pistorius visits Prague
    Czech Republic orders 77 modern Leopard tanks

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    Defense Minister Pistorius's inaugural visit to the Czech Republic seems to bring something worthwhile. According to Defense Minister Cernochova, the country wants to buy dozens of Leopard tanks from Germany.

    The Czech Republic plans to purchase 77 Leopard main battle tanks in the modern 2A8 version from German production. This was announced by Czech Defense Minister Jana Cernochova during a visit to Prague by her German counterpart Boris Pistorius. The SPD politician emphasized that this was a very good and a very important step. “We're really excited about it because it increases interoperability, the ability to work with each other.”

    An initial framework agreement has already been signed and other states could join. The details are still being negotiated. “If more countries join, the limit is open,” said Pistorius.

    The Czech Republic is one of Ukraine's staunch supporters in its fight against Russian invasion. Regarding the current concerns in the Czech neighbor Poland regarding the transfer of Russian Wagner mercenaries to Belarus, Pistorius said: “Where our Polish friends need support, if the worst comes to the worst, they will get it.”

    The Czech Republic supplied Ukraine with numerous tanks

    As part of a ring exchange, the Czech Republic had already received the first of 14 Leopard tanks in the older 2A4 version from Germany. The delivery also includes a Buffalo recovery vehicle and is expected to be completed by spring next year. The NATO member state will thus receive a modern replacement for the Soviet-designed T72 tanks delivered to Ukraine.

    Pistorius was the first German defense minister to visit the memorial for the victims of the so-called “Heydrichiade” in Prague and lay flowers there. Cernochova was touched by this gesture. “Heydrichiade” depicts the terrorist measures during the German occupation after the assassination attempt on SS leader Reinhard Heydrich in 1942.

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