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    These are the dumbest passwords


    Football fans watch out
    These are the dumbest passwords

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    The simpler the password, the easier it is for cyber criminals to strike. According to a study by Telekom, football fans in particular are an easy target because the passwords are closely aligned with their favorite club.

    Whether it's “Schalke04” or “Borussia”: According to Deutsche Telekom, many football fans use passwords that are far too easy. The Magenta Group published a list of simple codes from Telekom customers that cyber criminals had illegally intercepted and offered for sale in dark channels. Telekom has a special security team that keeps an eye on such dark channels and informs its customers when their passwords appear there. Criminals, for example, used so-called phishing emails to intercept security data from unsuspecting users.

    “We see that German users continue to use the most obvious thing as their password too often – and that is exactly what makes them vulnerable,” explained Telekom security chief Thomas Tschersich. If you try out the Bundesliga table club by club together with all the emails that I can find online using simple means, you unfortunately generate tens of thousands of active access keys. “And that is too easy and has never been up to date.”

    According to Telekom's findings, the classic “Password1” is still widespread among the insecure login details, with “Schalke04” in second place. “Borussia” is in eighth place, “Dortmund09” in 18th place, “Fussball” in 20th place and “Ronaldo1” in 26th place. The course of the current Bundesliga season is also having an impact on the negative password ranking: “Bayer04Lev” is on the rise, while “FCBayern” has fallen out of the top 100,” said a Telekom spokesperson, urging people to use more complicated and therefore more secure passwords.

    The password “1q2w3e4r”, which at first seems comparatively difficult, comes in sixth place in the ranking. However, this code is also far too simple: these eight numbers and letters are right next to each other on the keyboard. First names such as Maximilian and Heinrich are also often used as passwords, without numbers or special characters. According to Telekom, these are mostly older users who have not changed their password for a very long time.

    Ranking of the most insecure passwords

    1. Password1

    2. Schalke 04

    3. Hello123

    4. Fire Department112

    5. Porsche 911

    6. 1q2w3e4r

    7. Asshole1

    8. Borussia

    9. hallo1234

    10. 123qweasd

    11. alexander1

    12. test1234

    13. 1a2b3c4d

    14. andreas1

    15. Maximilian

    16. Michael1

    17. princess

    18. Dortmund09

    19. password

    20. Football

    21. 1q2w3e4r5t

    22. marcel123

    23. Heinrich

    24. a12345678

    25. Jordan23

    26. Ronaldo1

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