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    Speaker of “Let’s Dance” makes mistakes


    “Let’s Dance” returned from the Easter break on Friday evening. And in the first few minutes there was a slip of the tongue.

    “Let’s Dance” is back. While RTL canceled the dance show last week because of the dance ban on Good Friday, the format returned to the program this week – and the fifth edition of “Let's Dance” surprised with a very special opening.

    Because this time it wasn't just the professionals who floated across the dance floor, but also the actors Jannik Schümann and Emma Nova. The two can be seen in the new RTL+ series “Disko 76”. They opened Friday night's episode.

    Sophia Thiel is not mentioned

    RTL also used the opening to introduce the candidates who are still in the race. Patrick Linke, the off-camera voice, made a mistake. Because whenever a dancing couple appeared on the scene, the commentator announced the name of the celebrity and that of the professional. However, when Sophia Thiel and Alexandru Ionel were seen, he said: “Lulu Lewe and Massimo Sinató.”

    Shortly afterwards, Lulu Lewe and Massimo Sinató actually appeared. Sarah Connor's sister and her dance partner were mentioned twice, while the fitness influencer had to forego an announcement completely. This was noticed not only by the viewers in front of the screens, but also by the presenters.

    “The first mistake in 17 seasons”

    During the greeting, Daniel Hartwich pointed out the mistake. “Our Patrick,” said the moderator, explaining that the commentator had mixed up the two participants. “He saw Lulu twice, Patrick. The first mistake in 17 seasons.”

    Patrick Linke has been a speaker at RTL since the 1980s. At “Let’s Dance” he is responsible for announcing the stars and asking for the jury’s evaluation. The 54-year-old also comments on the quick run-through of the dances. The speaker can also be heard in “Because you don't know what's happening”.

    There are currently nine celebrities still in the running for the title “Dancing Star 2024”. On Friday evening Stefano Zarrella had to leave the show. The grand finale of “Let’s Dance” will take place in May. This year's favorites include musician Gabriel Kelly and sports presenter Jana Wosnitza.

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