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    Single men rarely wash their bed linen


    According to a survey, there is a significant hygiene problem in men's households – and it lies in the bedroom.

    The survey was conducted by a mattress manufacturer. More than 2,000 adults in Great Britain were surveyed. The results show that men between the ages of 18 and 25 have the worst hygiene practices when it comes to their bedding. In fact, a quarter of these young men only wash their bed linen once a year.

    The reasons for the poor hygiene behavior are unclear. Some experts believe that men are less concerned about cleanliness than women. Others suggest it may be because men don't spend as much time in their bedroom and therefore don't see the need to change their bed linen more often.

    Health problems possible

    Not washing your bed linen can cause significant trouble: dirty duvet covers and sheets can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi, and health problems are possible as a result. Bed bugs and other parasites can also multiply more easily in dirty bed linen.

    Most health experts recommend washing bedding at least every two weeks. However, if you are allergic to dust mites or other allergens, you may need to wash your bedding more often.

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