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    New Switch apparently won’t arrive until 2025


    Nintendo share price collapse
    New Switch apparently won’t arrive until 2025

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    Last week, Nintendo hit a new all-time high on the stock market. Investors are hoping for a new console for Christmas. However, the launch has been unexpectedly delayed. This is not good for the stock's value at all.

    According to several media reports, the launch of the next generation of the Nintendo Switch has been delayed. The company has informed several game manufacturers that the new console will not be released until early 2025. This also means that the next console would miss the important Christmas season, which is normally the ideal time for the launch of new consoles.

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    A company spokesperson initially declined to comment on the reports, but the impact was already clearly felt on the stock market. At the start of trading, Nintendo shares lost 8.8 percent. Only last week did the shares reach a new all-time high as investors looked ahead to the release of the next generation over the next few months.

    New Switch eagerly awaited

    The previous Switch console has been on sale since March 2017 and has sold over 139 million units since then. Nintendo has also launched two successful game series with over 60 million units sold: the “Legend of Zelda” games and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”. This means that the handheld hybrid device has maintained enthusiasm longer than other consoles.

    Nintendo itself has not commented on plans for a successor device, but since the company has also barely announced any new games for this year, many people expect the Kyoto-based company to plan a new device to succeed its aging Switch console.

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