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    How Chris O'Neill won the heart of Princess Madeleine


    She fled from Jonas Bergström and fell in love with Chris O'Neill. The Brit gave the princess a very special surprise right at the beginning of their relationship.

    In April 2010, Madeleine was on a plane from Sweden to New York. The princess wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of her home country. Shortly before, it was announced that Madeleine and her boyfriend Jonas Bergström would not be getting married. The engagement between the princess and the lawyer was broken off after eight months. The reason for the end of the relationship: Jonas Bergström was having an affair.

    In New York, the then 27-year-old wanted to start over. There, the princess not only found her smile again, but also love. Madeleine fell in love with the British businessman Chris O'Neill – and he surprised her right from the start with a very generous gesture.

    Madeleine has been involved with the World Childhood Foundation since she was 17 years old. The charity organisation, which protects children from sexual abuse and violence, was founded in 1999 by her mother Silvia. For the Queen and the Princess, the World Childhood Foundation is a project very close to her heart. Chris O'Neill already knew that back then.

    As the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet reported, the then 38-year-old businessman anonymously donated 700,000 Swedish kronor (equivalent to around 60,279 euros) to the organization shortly after they met. But the generous donation did not remain secret for long. According to the paper, Princess Madeleine found out about the large sum and was “overjoyed” about it.

    A few months after the report, in June 2013, Madeleine of Sweden and Chris O'Neill tied the knot in the Royal Palace Church in Stockholm. Last year, the couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. In February 2014, their first daughter, Princess Leonore, was born. Their son Nicolas followed in the summer of 2015. The youngest of the family is little Adrienne. She was born in March 2018.

    Princess Madeleine lives in the States with her husband and their three children. There, far away from the Swedish royal family, they lead an anonymous life. But in the summer, the family plans to move back to Sweden.

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