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    Microsoft changes keyboard for AI function


    Pushing a button starts the copilot
    Microsoft changes keyboard for AI function

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    Artificial intelligence is set to become more and more part of the Windows operating system. Microsoft is therefore introducing a new button: one press and the AI ​​assistant responds.

    Artificial intelligence is bringing about the biggest change to the familiar keyboard for Windows computers in decades. Microsoft has introduced its own button for its AI assistant Copilot. It should be on display next week at the CES technology trade fair in Las Vegas on new devices from various manufacturers. Models with a copilot button are expected to be available for purchase from the end of February.

    2024 should be the “year of the AI ​​PC,” wrote Microsoft manager Yusuf Mehdi in a blog post. To achieve this, functions based on artificial intelligence would be woven even more seamlessly into the Windows operating system. The Copilot button replaces the former menu button next to the “Alt” button on the right side of the keyboard. One press activates the copilot assistant.

    This is based on technology from the developer company OpenAI, which is behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT. This means that the copilot integrated into Windows 11 can also answer questions or complete tasks. Competitor Apple temporarily had its own button for the voice assistant Siri in its Macbook laptops. It was placed in the touchscreen bar, which has since been abolished and which replaced the classic function keys for a few years.

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