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    DFB announces savings round of 15 million euros


    How this works remains unclear
    DFB announces savings round of 15 million euros

    The German Football Association has to save money, the financial situation is serious. The DFB announced that the annual deficit should be reduced by 15 million euros. The association does not say how this is achieved. The 21 regional associations should not be affected by cuts.

    Without specifically naming the planned austerity measures, the German Football Association (DFB) says it has made great progress in combating its financial problems. According to the association, the steps taken will reduce the structural deficit by 15 million euros from the current 19.5 million euros annually to 4.5 million euros.

    The DFB announced this result after a closed meeting between the presidium led by boss Bernd Neuendorf and the committees of DFB GmbH & Co. KG. According to the association, those responsible “largely followed the suggestions of ten internal working groups that had identified savings and revenue potential for the DFB over the past few months.”

    In the coming months, the DFB will discuss and decide on further measures to completely reduce the structural deficit. The association had recently come under additional financial pressure due to legal disputes and the national team's lack of success.

    “We have taken a consistent path of budget consolidation, in which we have responsibly and far-sightedly adjusted the existing budgets and further plans,” said DFB Treasurer Stephan Grunwald. “An important interim goal has been achieved, which sends the signal that we are able to generate the resources to fully overcome the structural deficit on our own. It is also positive that our 21 regional associations are not affected by the cuts. “

    According to Grunwald, amateur football will “even be able to increase its subsidies” thanks to the new basic agreement recently agreed with the German Football League (DFL). The new contract provides for an increase of around 26 million euros instead of the previous 6 million per year for the DFB.

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