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    Is solar roof compulsory coming?


    Not everyone wants a photovoltaic system on the roof – and not everyone can afford it. However, solar systems could now become mandatory for certain houses.

    Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings in the EU must be reduced. That is the EU Parliament's plan. If the EU Council agrees to these plans, they must also be implemented in Germany. For homeowners in this country, this means numerous measures that they have to take into account in addition to the Building Energy Act (GEG) – more about that here – and the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).

    EU plans to make solar roofs mandatory

    However, that could change. If the EU Council agrees to the EU Parliament's plans, house builders in these federal states will also have to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of their property. Specifically, it says: “If this is technically and economically feasible, member states must gradually introduce solar systems by 2030 […] installed in all new residential buildings.” Sooner or later, house builders in federal states who have not yet wanted or been able to do so will have to plan a photovoltaic system for their new building.

    However: “Following the approval in the European Parliament, confirmation by the Council must follow, then the member states work on implementation.” This can take up to a year, explains Susanne Ungrad, press spokeswoman at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, to t-online.

    However, according to experts, confirmation by the EU Council is often just a formality. Accordingly, the introduction of a nationwide solar roof requirement in Germany is very realistic.

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