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    Princess Kate's photo manipulation: scandal or just exaggerated?


    Of course this is a scandal

    There's no need to beat around it: publishing this photo in this way at this time was a mistake. An irresponsibility that is not worthy of a future queen and certainly not of an entire royal family. We are talking here about a huge apparatus of palace employees, advisors, court servants: How can it happen that this “group of experts” decides to upload a retouched image?

    The palace brought the scandal on itself. How would one say, paraphrasing Christian Lindner? It's better not to post than to post incorrectly.

    Because now there are many questions, too many. Are the inconsistencies in the photo picked up by amateur detectives on the Internet really all manipulations? Why is Kate cheating on parts of Charlotte's dress? Your daughter is eight years old. If Kate wants to beautify something, then please only do it for herself – or is tricking around now part of good manners in an exemplary upbringing, does it serve the reputation of a caring mother?

    One thing is clear: Princess Kate has put her entire family in need of explanation and has only fueled wild conspiracies – and all of this without any need. The 42-year-old called in sick after an operation. She and her palace should be confident enough to endure speculation about her downtime.

    If you want to react, there are better methods than a fake photo. The monarchy wants to modernize itself, stop pretending to be an ideal world, and get closer to its people. It doesn't work this way.

    Listen and be amazed, but: Yes, people are allowed to be sick and role models like Kate should demonstrate this with gigantic charisma – and not act as if everything is peace, joy and pancakes. King Charles III showed the way with his cancer announcement. It's amazing that he is more progressive than his daughter-in-law, who is 33 years younger.

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