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    Iris Klein introduces her new partner – and talks about a wedding


    Iris Klein is in safe hands again. The new man at her side is called Stefan – and he is already planning his big wedding with the reality TV star.

    Iris Klein has had to endure a few romantic failures in the past: Last year she and her husband Peter Klein separated after almost 20 years of marriage. Actress Yvonne Woelke is said to have played a role. A few months later, the influencer made her relationship with the so-called Mr. T public, but the young love didn't last long. Now Iris Klein is married again – and is even considering getting married again.

    The new man at Iris Klein's side is called Stefan Braun, has been divorced for 20 years and is 47 years old. Iris Klein tells “Bild” that her new love was predicted for her: When she complained to her fortune teller that she had lost a teddy bear, she predicted that she would soon get a new one. “My teddy bear. My fortune teller was right,” she enthuses.

    They met on Facebook in February, says the reality TV celebrity. “I thought to myself: 'Oh, he looks pretty nice. I'll take him.' Promptly came: 'Good evening, Ms. Klein.' “I thought it was funny that he was calling me out,” she says. Messages and phone calls exchanged were followed by a date at an Italian restaurant, after which they became a couple.

    “I would love to marry Iris straight away”

    It also seems to be great love for Stefan Braun. “I'm absolutely sure about Iris.” He probably has no doubts: “I would love to marry Iris immediately, but she is still married. I told her that it already feels so familiar and beautiful to me, as if she were my wife. I have it in my cell phone She saved it under 'my future Mrs. Braun'.” A date for the wedding is already in the room, adds Iris – May 25, 2025. “It would be my fifth marriage. Why not? I have never felt as safe and protected as I did at his side.”

    Nevertheless, the separation dramas with Peter Klein and Mr. T left their mark. Iris Klein is “a little cautious about giving my heart away completely.” “Fortunately, Stefan understands that. We talk a lot. If the past still bothers me, that doesn't mean that I don't love him. I'm just a burnt child when it comes to relationships,” she adds. Stefan Braun emphasizes: “Iris carries her package with her, I can live with that. I don't mind the fact that she is prominent and recognized. I want this woman, I'm quite sure of that.”

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