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    Heil rejects mini-job abolition


    According to the social judge’s request
    Heil rejects mini-job abolition

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    The President of the Federal Social Court is demanding an end to mini-jobs because they have a negative impact on pension levels and careers. However, the coalition agreement does not allow for their abolition – for now.

    Labor Minister Hubertus Heil believes that abolishing mini-jobs is unrealistic for the time being. “It is important to me that work subject to social insurance contributions is more worthwhile,” he told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group. “It is legitimate to think about further reforms. But given the coalition agreement, that is not an issue for this legislative period.”

    The President of the Federal Social Court, Rainer Schlegel, had spoken out in favor of abolishing mini-jobs. If mini-jobbers do not pay into the pension scheme, this would be detrimental both to their own retirement provision and to future generations, he said. In addition, mini-jobs make it more difficult for them to advance in their job.

    From Schlegel's point of view, the mini-job model, where up to 538 euros a month can be earned tax-free, is “socially unjust” because it creates costs for the general public – especially when employees reach retirement age. “If people are employed in marginal employment for their entire lives, they do not receive an adequate pension,” said the President of the Federal Social Court to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “Although the legislature has introduced compulsory pension insurance for marginal employees, it allows mini-jobbers to be exempted without further justification.” A reform would ease the burden on social security funds and be good for the labor market.

    Heil referred to the increase in the minimum wage and the reduction in social security contributions for low earners. In this way, the traffic light government has ensured that employees have more money in their pockets.

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