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    Charles was “very emotional” about Kate and is “frustrated” himself


    It's not just Charles who is struggling with cancer, Kate is too. Before the announcement, the king met with his daughter-in-law.

    As the nephew of the British King, Peter Phillips is given up-close insights into the current double cancer drama in the British royal family. In an interview with Sky News Australia, Princess Anne's son revealed how King Charles III. dealing with his cancer.

    “He's in good spirits, but ultimately he's extremely frustrated,” said Peter Phillips. “He's frustrated that he can't do everything he'd like to do.” However, Charles' characteristic pragmatism helped him understand that he now needed to “really focus on himself for a while.”

    At the same time, he constantly urges his employees and doctors to give him more freedom to fulfill his royal obligations. “I think the main message is that he's obviously very keen to get back to some normality and that he's probably frustrated that his recovery is taking a little longer than he would like.”

    Peter Phillips also commented on the impression he got from how Princess Kate, who also had cancer, dealt with her diagnosis. Her bravery was “remarkable” and he believes she and Prince William “did everything right” in trying to balance their private lives with their public roles.

    “It's highly unusual”

    Before the announcement of her cancer, King Charles III is said to have taken care of herself. met for lunch with his daughter-in-law. The meal together at Windsor Castle was said to have been “very emotional” for the 75-year-old, as an unnamed source told the British daily newspaper “Sun”. He was also one of the first to publicly praise the Princess of Wales “for having the courage to speak as she did” after her cancer announcement.

    Last Thursday, the king, who was informed in advance about Kate's plans, traveled from London to Windsor Castle for a one-on-one meeting with Kate. About the meal together, the palace source told the Sun: “It is highly unusual for the two of them to sit down together in this way.”

    During the meeting, Princess Kate wanted to find out how the King was coping with his cancer and the very public effects of the disease. For this reason, she “absolutely” wanted to talk to him.

    “They had a lot to discuss and exchange, as just a few weeks earlier the king had started his treatment and was busy announcing his diagnosis,” the royal insider continued. “The king left lunch very moved.”

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