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    Apple upgrades its new iPads


    Thinner and more powerful
    Apple upgrades its new iPads

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    In London, Apple is presenting its latest generation of iPads. These are said to contain more powerful chips and an OLED screen. A long-held wish of many users is now being fulfilled.

    Apple wants to boost its iPad business with new models – and is making the tablet a stronger competitor for its own Mac computers. The more powerful and more expensive Pro series is getting a particularly big update. The next iPad Pro is the first Apple device with the M4 chip, which is, among other things, more geared towards applications with artificial intelligence. The model series will also have an OLED screen, and the version with a 13-inch display is the thinnest Apple device to date with a thickness of 5.1 millimeters, as the company emphasized at the presentation.

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    According to industry analysts, Apple still holds the clear first place in the tablet business with a market share well over 30 percent. However, iPad sales have recently fallen, partly because Apple took its time updating the model series.

    The company previously described the iPad as the vision for the future of personal computers. But in recent years, Mac computers have seen a surge in popularity among users after switching from Intel chips to processors developed in-house. With the powerful Pro model, the iPad could once again become more of a competitor to the Mac as a universal computer.

    Camera in new position

    In the new, more robust keyboard dock, it looks more like a notebook than ever – and at the same time it can also be used as a tablet with a touchscreen, which Macs don't have. However, the iPad operating system still gives users less freedom than macOS.

    There was also an improved pen for the iPads, which are often used by professional users for graphics applications. Apple also updated the cheaper iPad Air series, which now also has a larger version with a 13-inch display. On all new devices, the camera has been moved to the long side next to the display – which means that it is now less likely to be accidentally covered with your finger.

    The Pro devices can be ordered in 11- or 13-inch versions on Apple's German website. The company is asking 1199 euros for the smaller version. Depending on the screen size, features and accessories, however, the price can also be more than 3000 euros. The price list for the iPad Air starts at 699 euros. Here the range ends at around 1750 euros. Apple wants 149 euros for the new pen. The devices will be delivered from May 15th.

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