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    Apple is apparently working on its own AI processors


    Reduce NVIDIA dependency
    Apple is apparently working on its own AI processors

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    Apple has been working on its own special processors for artificial intelligence for several years now. The company intends to use this to reduce its dependence on NVIDIA. It is unclear how far the project has progressed and whether Tim Cook will present it at the presentation of the new iPads.

    According to a newspaper report, Apple is getting into the production of special processors for artificial intelligence (AI). The chips, codenamed “ACDC” (Apple Chips in Data Center), are designed to run the company's own software, wrote the Wall Street Journal, citing insiders. The products of global market leader Nvidia, on the other hand, are more likely to show their strengths in training AI. Apple was initially unavailable for comment.

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    The iPhone provider has caused a sensation in recent years with self-developed chips for its smartphones, tablets and laptops. When presenting the business figures last week, company boss Tim Cook also hinted at the presentation of new AI functions. Experts assume that he will use a planned event to do this. A new generation of iPads is also expected to be presented there.

    The “ACDC” project has been running for several years, the “WSJ” continued. However, it is unclear if and when the new chip will be introduced. In order to reduce dependence on Nvidia, numerous companies are working on their own AI processors. In addition to classic semiconductor manufacturers such as AMD and Intel, these also include Facebook's parent company Meta and the online retailer Amazon, whose subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's largest cloud provider. The Alphabet subsidiary Google has teamed up with the chip designer ARM for this purpose.

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