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    AI content should receive watermarks


    USA wants to contain risks
    AI content should receive watermarks

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    The USA is currently working on a draft law to regulate artificial intelligence. AI content could soon be given a special label there. Well-known AI companies are said to have offered this to American President Biden.

    According to the US government, immediately before an industry meeting in the White House, major providers of artificial intelligence (AI) made proposals for labeling relevant content. In addition, companies like ChatGPT maker OpenAI have committed to carefully testing their AI software before publication, the US presidential administration said.

    US President Joe Biden invited representatives of important AI providers to a meeting. He is working on a decree and a bipartisan bill to regulate this technology. In this context, in addition to OpenAI, rivals Anthropic and Inflection as well as Alphabet subsidiary Google and Facebook parent Meta want to develop a system with which any content created by an AI can be watermarked.

    Moral guidelines planned

    The companies also promised to protect their users' personal data, keep the technology free of bias and prevent its use to discriminate against minorities. Other commitments include developing AI programs for medical research or to mitigate climate change.

    At the same time, OpenAI lost its person responsible for security and trust. Dave Willner announced his departure on the career network LinkedIn, citing the enormous workload that was affecting his family life. “Anyone who has small children and a very demanding job can relate to this tension.”

    OpenAI was not immediately available for comment on this personnel matter. Because of the discussion about the risks, the AI ​​developer departments responsible for ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of this technology have come into the spotlight in recent months.

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