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    YouTuber dies with father in plane crash


    Jenny Blalock shared her love of flying with her subscribers on YouTube. Now the 45-year-old has died in a plane crash.

    16,900 YouTube users have followed Jenny Blalock’s flying adventures since 2021. On her profile, the American described herself as a private pilot with a passion for flying. In her videos, she not only informed her subscribers about aviation, but also filmed herself during the flights.

    But on Thursday, December 7th, Jenny Blalock’s trip ended in tragedy: As the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported, according to the US newspaper “New York Post”, the 45-year-old’s plane crashed in the state of Tennessee. At around 11:15 a.m., the Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft hit the ground near the town of Pulaski. According to the report, Blalock also piloted the plane that day. Her 78-year-old father James, who had been sitting next to her, also died in the accident.

    Jenny Blalock often flew with her father

    Jenny Blalock documented in several YouTube videos that her father always shared her passion for flying. The American repeatedly captured the moments they shared together. “I love flying with my dad. I often take him with me to help me figure out the nuts and bolts of avionics,” she explained in a video description.

    Seven days ago, Jenny Blalock published her last YouTube video: In it, too, she was on the plane with James Blalock. “My father and I take a few hours to take a one-hour flight from Knoxville to Lexington, Kentucky,” said the 45-year-old.

    YouTube subscribers mourn Jenny Blalock

    There are already a number of condolences under the video. The touching words from the YouTube community range from “This terrible news makes me so sad” to “Thank you for all the moments you shared with us.” The family has also issued a statement, according to the New York Post: “We would like to thank everyone for the love and support for our family during this unimaginable loss of two precious family members, Jenny and James Blalock. Our family finds great comfort in knowing that they were together when they met our Lord and Savior.”

    A local resident watched on Thursday as Jenny Blalock’s single-engine plane continued to lose altitude until it finally collided with a slope. The eyewitness reported to the US news channel WSMV that he then immediately drove to the scene of the accident. “The plane was just pieces. Total destruction,” he explained. The bodies of Jenny and James Blalock were found outside the plane.

    The cause of the crash is still unclear. A month ago, Jenny Blalock shared a tricky flight situation with her fans. In the video, the amateur pilot had to make an emergency landing from an altitude of around 1,200 meters due to an aircraft malfunction. “Will we make it?” she asked her subscribers. At that time, the 45-year-old managed to bring her machine safely to the ground without any problems.

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