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    With this trick, baking works even without a scale: Here’s how


    For the perfect cookie dough, it’s best to follow the recipe exactly. But there is a trick to correctly measure the amount of ingredients – and it works even without a scale.

    The first Advent marks the beginning of the Christmas season and, for many people, pre-Christmas baking too! In order for the cookies to be successful, it is important to adhere to the quantities exactly.

    But is this also possible if you don’t have a scale at hand? But of course! With a simple trick you can weigh very precisely even without a scale.

    You can find out which utensils make baking easier for you and specify the exact amounts of flour and sugar in the video here or at the top of this article.

    Still don’t want to give up the scales entirely? Kitchen appliances are now available here with a pre-Christmas discount.

    What exactly is a life hack?

    The expression “Lifehack” comes from English, but has long since become established in the German language. It can be translated as “life trick”. What is meant is a trick that makes small and larger challenges in everyday life easier and is very easy to implement. You usually have the tools you need in your cupboard anyway.

    Read video transcriptSymbol image for folding and unfolding

    Now the Advent season begins and with it the time of baking. Important: Always use the right amount of ingredients. But what if you don’t have a scale at home or the batteries are simply empty? No problem, there’s a simple trick for that.

    With these household utensils you can calculate the ingredients precisely:
    For example, one teaspoon holds four grams of flour. If you use more, you can also use a tablespoon. Twelve grams of flour fit on it. For larger quantities, as is often needed when baking, you can use one cup. A standard one holds 100 grams of flour.
    Here’s the overview again.

    Whether you have scales at hand or not – from now on, finding the right quantities of baking ingredients is no longer a problem.

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