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    Will I save money if I change provider?


    The federal government has announced that, among other things, it is canceling the subsidy for network fees. What does this mean for consumers?

    In order to relieve the burden on consumers, the federal government financed the transmission network costs proportionately. But according to the current decision, this funding will now no longer be available. This is important for consumers because network fees are part of the electricity price.

    In addition, the coalition has decided that CO2 pricing will be increased more than originally planned. From 2024 onwards, 45 euros will be charged per tonne of CO2 instead of 40 euros. This is the second factor that will lead to higher electricity costs for consumers.

    In short: energy costs will rise sharply for consumers.

    How much are energy costs rising?

    The comparison portal “Check24” recently calculated how high the burden could be. It is said that a family could incur an additional burden of around 100 euros. You can find out more about this in this article.

    Does changing provider help?

    Changing the energy supplier only helps to a limited extent. Because all providers have to pay the network fees or pass them on to their customers via the tariffs.

    This applies not only to new customers, but also to existing customers or current contracts. Most energy suppliers have included clauses in their electricity supply contracts that allow them to increase electricity prices despite a price guarantee if the additional costs are caused by a tax increase. As a rule, there is no breach of contract on the part of the provider.

    Nevertheless, you should not be afraid to change your energy provider as soon as you can choose a contract with cheaper tariffs.

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