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    Which wireless speakers make the best stereo pairs?


    Product test doubled
    Which wireless speakers make the best stereo pairs?

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    Stiftung Warentest tests 15 wireless speakers that appear as a stereo pair. The three test winners cost more than 1200 euros, but good speaker duos are available from around 400 euros. If it's just about the sound, you can find something for just under 200 euros.

    Anyone who not only consumes music but enjoys it knows that stereo usually sounds better than mono. However, individual wireless speakers cannot achieve this. Even if two converters are installed for the left and right channels, the distance between them is simply too small for a wide stereo stage. Stiftung Warentest therefore tested which of 15 WLAN and Bluetooth speakers as a duo develop the best stereo sound – with results that make you sit up and take notice. Because high-priced luxury brands are ahead, but expensive doesn't necessarily mean good, even if the speaker is from Apple comes from.

    The Homepod-Duo (around 700 euros) could not impress the product testers with its sound, handling or power consumption. In all three categories, the Apple pair did not get more than a satisfactory rating; with a quality rating of 2.8, they came in a distant twelfth place.

    It's even worse Amazon Echo Studio caught, although it sounds good as a stereo pair. However, the testers found its handling to be satisfactory and the duo even received a failing grade for its energy requirement being far too high. Quality rating: 3.8.

    Expensive specialists are ahead

    The top five places are occupied by stereo specialists, i.e. wireless speakers that are only available as a pair. The test winner is the German noble duo Nubert nuPro XS-3000 RC with the only very good overall grade of 1.5. It costs around 1390 euros online. The pair of speakers delivers the best sound (1.2), the handling is good, and the power consumption is only satisfactory.

    The winning couple is followed by the KEF LSX II (1200 euros), which achieved a quality rating of 1.7. They sound almost as strong (1.3) and their energy consumption is good. As with most of the other test candidates, the testers rated the handling as satisfactory.

    The stereo pair received the same overall grade Canton Smart GLE 3 S2, which is also similarly expensive at around 1250 euros. Its sound is also very good (1.5). The same applies to the power consumption; handling is satisfactory.

    Good sound from 200 euros

    The stereo speakers have an average online price of 530 euros Elac Debut Connex DCB41 significantly cheaper than the test winners, but still achieved a strong quality rating of 1.8. It consists of a good sound (1.6), a very low power consumption and satisfactory handling.

    This is the best stereo pair whose speakers you can also get individually Harman Kardon Citation One Duo MK III, which Stiftung Warentest gave a quality rating of 2.3. At around 400 euros, it is also the cheapest good duo among the test candidates. Sound (2.2) and power consumption are good, handling is satisfactory.

    The pair of speakers probably offers the best price-performance ratio Edifier S1000W. For around 420 euros, it delivers good sound (1.9) and uses very little power. The examiners found its handling to be satisfactory.

    If good sound is all that matters, you can use the set of 2 Ikea Symfonisk shelf wifi speaker Get a bargain as it only costs just under 200 euros. The sound (2.5) and power consumption received good marks, and the testers rated the handling as satisfactory.

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