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    What bothers your neighbors the most


    For many people, the garden is a place of peace – if it weren't for the noisy neighbors. A current survey shows who is most bothered by what.

    The image of the older, complaining neighbor who complains about the noises of the younger people next door is long outdated. This is shown by a current YouGov survey. Because these days, younger people are more likely to feel annoyed by their neighbors in the garden than older people.

    Relaxed relationship with the neighbors

    Almost half of those surveyed (45 percent) who were 55 years old or older did not feel disturbed by their neighbors. And the group of 45 to 54 year olds also mostly (41 percent) get along well with their neighbors.

    Things are different for the younger people. Only one in five (20 percent) of 18 to 24 year olds think it's okay if their neighbor is outside while they want to relax in the garden. Of the generations in between (25 to 44 year olds), only one in three can cope with the background noise and the presence of neighbors.

    What bothers you the most?

    But what is it about their neighbors that annoys the younger generation so much? Their curiosity. This is the answer from almost one in four (23 percent) under the age of 25. Followed by children's noise (12 percent). And even if other residents ignore quiet times, the younger generation (under 25) feels more annoyed (12 percent) than the older generation (11 percent). Fourth place among nerve factors is occupied by smells such as those from the grill or cigarettes.

    And what most often bothers older people (55 years and older) about their neighbors? First place goes to disturbing the peace (11 percent), followed by nosy neighbors (9 percent) and children's noise (7 percent).

    Experts advise mutual consideration. You should also address the behavior that bothers you in a friendly manner before the situation turns into an argument.

    About the survey

    YouGov's representative survey was carried out on behalf of classifieds. It took place online between June 16 and 19, 2023. A total of 2,051 people aged 18 and over took part. Of the participants, 802 owned a private garden located directly next to their house or apartment.

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