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    What's behind this meeting?


    Michael Wendler and Oliver Pocher spoke to each other. Was the comedian able to persuade the controversial pop star to change his mind?

    Pop singer Michael Wendler is considered a fallen star in this country. Through controversial statements during the corona pandemic, he literally buried his career and has lived in seclusion in his adopted home of Florida ever since. To this day he has never really distanced himself from his oaths and is no longer welcome in public in Germany.

    Comedian Oliver Pocher met him in the USA a few days ago. He tells this in the new episode of his podcast “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled”. The men talked about Michael Wendler's behavior in recent years. “I also told him why he was talking such nonsense and why he didn’t just keep his mouth shut and that no one cares what he thinks,” said Oliver Pocher.

    “Of course he wouldn’t do that anymore.”

    His ex-wife and podcast colleague Alessandra Meyer-Wölden then wants to know whether Michael Wendler showed insight in the conversation. “In a certain form, yes – of course he wouldn't do that anymore, that's clear, because he has completely dismantled his career into all its individual parts. But he would like to go back to Germany and perform here again,” answers Oliver Pocher. According to him, the past three years have been “below average” for the pop star.

    In order for his career to improve again in the future, Michael Wendler needs to “clarify a few things” in his eyes. “What exactly he meant. What his tax debt number is, whether he'll be arrested at the airport or not. He always says: 'No, everything's fine.' Then I said: 'Well, then maybe you should go to Germany and maybe answer two or three questions.'”

    It remains to be seen whether Oliver Pocher's words had an effect on Michael Wendler. The 51-year-old also mentioned the meeting on his X account, posted a photo together and announced that he would like to talk about details soon.

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