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    Wehead GPT puts a scary face on AI


    Wehead GPT aims to humanize conversations with ChatGPT and other voice AIs by giving them a face to talk to. Technology enthusiasts might be excited by the concept, but other people might find it rather scary.

    It is clear that we will increasingly communicate with voice AIs like ChatGPT; the development cannot be stopped. The question is how we do this. The Wehead imagines that it will be more pleasant if the AI ​​has a face. That’s why the US company has developed a mechanical head that is able to act “humanly” using high-resolution displays, speakers and microphones.

    Users can choose from several faces, but theoretically you can show your own or that of a celebrity. A motorized, movable neck is intended to allow the robot head to act naturally. “This innovative device goes beyond traditional AI interactions by allowing users to maintain eye contact with an AI person and engage non-verbally, providing a more emotional and intuitive experience,” the developers write.

    “Personalized version of the Internet”

    The technology is fascinating and, with an 8-core processor, powerful enough to work smoothly. Somehow, conversations with Wehead GPT look pretty creepy.

    According to the company, Wehead is still suitable for all ages. Teens should be able to improve their social skills by interacting with the AI ​​and engaging in realistic and engaging conversations. For children, Wehead GPT is designed to transform learning into an interactive and engaging experience. Older adults should find technology a user-friendly means of accessing information, as if they had “a personalized version of the Internet” in their living room.

    Wehead GPT has already become a reality. You can rent an AI head in the USA for around $200 a month or – if you are enthusiastic about your robot partner – buy it for just under $5,000.

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