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    Viewers disappointed by the jungle camp reunion


    The reunion after the final is always the crowning conclusion of the jungle camp season. But this year fans were hoping for more.

    The reunion took place one day after the big jungle camp finale. All twelve candidates met again in the tree house to talk about the events of the past few days with the moderators Jan Köppen and Sonja Zietlow.

    Fans are actually looking forward to this show more than the finale. Because when they meet again, the celebrities are also confronted with statements and gossip that took place in the camp. Most of the time, emotions run high in this show.

    “If they argue more in the Bundestag…”

    Especially the 17th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” had tons of potential. But the reunion this year was unusually harmonious – and that disappointed the fans. “If they argue more in the Bundestag on 'RTL Direkt' than at the big reunion on IBES…”, for example, commented a viewer on “It's revealed that almost everyone was gossiping about each other,” wrote another.

    Also to be read: “The big reunion is solely there to show those scenes where there is potential for trouble and then to ask unpleasant questions about them.” The aim of the program is to show a “complete escalation” and at least one candidate should leave the treehouse early. “Where didn’t RTL get it?” Another also demanded: “We want beef! They're all far too harmonious for me.”

    Last year, for example, the show actually came to a head. Resident Cosimo Citiolo left the studio angry. This year, however, the celebrities were pretty peaceful. Even Kim Virginia, who has caused arguments and drama almost every day over the past two weeks, tried to avoid the discussions and even apologized to Mike Heiter for her behavior. She realized that she should “react emotionally in arguments” and not just with accusations.

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