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    Trouble over ARD report: German professional cyclist wants to talk


    Pronunciation at Tour de France
    Trouble over ARD report: German professional cyclist wants to talk

    ARD doping reporter Hajo Seppelt is reminded of “dark times” in the Tour de France after German professional cyclist Phil Bauhaus refused an interview. His Bahrain-Victorious team has repeatedly been the focus of investigations. After a critical report, a discussion should now follow.

    The German professional cyclist Phil Bauhaus has arranged a clarifying conversation with the journalist Hajo Seppelt after his boycott of interviews with ARD. “We have the same interests – a clean sport,” wrote Sprinter Bauhaus in a dialogue with Seppelt on Twitter. After his second place on the third stage of the Tour de France, Bauhaus refused to give interviews to ARD journalists. The team spokesman referred to a broadcaster's report about alleged doping connections between the Bahrain-Victorious team and for which Bauhaus had also been asked questions.

    At the start of the tour, the ARD doping editorial team published an inventory of cycling and, among others, critically examined the Bauhaus team Bahrain Victorious. “I well remember the dark times of the Tour, when well-paid professional cyclists reacted similarly when journalists were simply doing their job,” Seppelt wrote on Twitter. Bauhaus responded: “Because other athletes have reacted similarly in the past and then interpreting it in such a way that I react the same way for reasons of doping, I don't think it's ok either. I don't put my hand in the fire for anyone, I can only do it for myself speak personally.”

    At the initiative of the sprinter, a dialogue should now take place. “I find the report at the time of the start of the tour unfortunate,” wrote the 28-year-old and explained his view of things: “As a German cyclist, you are the focus of attention for three weeks of the year. I think that the impression can quickly arise that Everyone in Bahrain, including me, is all doped anyway. I think that's a shame.” Bauhaus is taking the tour for the first time this year.

    The team from the Kingdom of Bahrain has made several negative headlines in the recent past. During the last Tour of France, shortly before the Grand Départ in Copenhagen, 14 Bahrain team members were raided in six countries, including at the team hotel. The year before there was a search at the team hotel in Pau during the Pyrenees stages.

    Team boss Milan Erzen had already been observed by the UCI world association in the past because of alleged connections to “Operation Aderlass”. In both cases, the raids had no consequences for the racing team. Europol ended its investigation last fall. The case is now in the hands of French authorities, with the public prosecutor's office in Marseille in charge.

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