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    This is what the legal assistant from “Liebling Kreuzberg” looks like today


    Almost 40 years ago, Anja Franke made her TV breakthrough in the cult series “Liebling Kreuzberg”. Even today, the Berlin native is often in front of the camera.

    In the mid-eighties, early evening series produced in Germany were booming. In addition to “Lindenstrasse”, West Berlin neighborhood series such as “Praxis Bülowbogen” and “Liebling Kreuzberg” also attracted millions of enthusiastic viewers to the flicker boxes. The latter series ran for the first time 38 years ago today, when not only the main actor Manfred Krug shone as a lovable lawyer, but also Berlin-born Anja Franke as a cheeky trainee.

    The daughter of the German actor, author and director Holger Franke enjoyed acting activities even as a small child. After a few smaller roles in “Sesame Street” and “Fire Red Playmobile,” Anja Franke decided to pursue a professional life in front of and behind the camera.

    Between 1981 and 1984 Anja Franke had her first theater experiences. She regularly performed on the stage of Berlin's Logo Theater under the direction of her father. In 1986 she played the leading role in the Berlin romance “Du mich auch”, the debut work of her then partner Dani Levy.

    Twelve years at Manfred Krug's side

    Anja Franke became really famous in the same year through her role in the television series “Liebling Kreuzberg”. With the Walkman in her pocket and the classic cheeky Icke-dette-kieke-ma attitude, the then 22-year-old young actress played her way into the hearts of television viewers in no time. Anja Franke played the cheeky legal assistant Senta Kurzweg for twelve years – a role that opened many doors for her.

    From then on, the actress award winner of the year 1990 appeared in countless series, including “For all cases Stefanie”, “Wolffs Revier” and “Polizeiruf 110”. In 2004, Anja Franke also shone in the successful film “Alles auf Zucker!”, a work directed by Dany Levy. Her father wrote the script for this film. The busy Anja Franke was always present and yet on the go.

    Smaller roles left just as big a mark on her and the audience as did established parts that accompanied her for many years. Even in the here and now, Anja Franke still likes to oscillate back and forth between long-term plans and gut feelings. In the role of “Red Roses” gardener Merle Vanlohen, Anja Franke has been delighting telenovela fans since 2011.

    The passionate masseuse and yoga expert is a big fan of basic freedom thinking and free-spiritual chaos. Above all, however, is happiness in life: “I brought my inner contentment with me when I came into this world. I was a happy child and I continued to do nothing to prevent my happiness, so now it has multiplied,” explains the actress an interview with ARD.

    Luck will lead her back to her “roots” in the near future. 25 years after the last episode of the cult series “Liebling Kreuzberg”, ARD is bringing the classic back to the screen in the form of a full-length feature film. Filming is already underway. The broadcast is planned for 2024 or 2025. And who is there again? Of course: Anja Franke as legal clerk Senta Kurzweg.

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