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    This is how you use geofencing with the Fritzbox


    The FritzApp Smart Home now supports so-called geofencing. Users can, among other things, automatically switch devices on or off or regulate the heating when they enter or leave the apartment. explains how it works.

    AVM is increasingly equipping its Fritzbox routers, which are widely used in Germany, with smart home functions and is also bringing more and more corresponding accessories onto the market. These include smart sockets, lamps and thermostats. Previously, you could, among other things, set if-then routines or create templates for functions in the Fritzbox user interface for these devices that you could access at the touch of a button, for example. What was still missing was a geofencing function, which AVM is now providing with an update to the FritzApp Smart Home.

    Set zone

    You can freely choose the location and size of the zone. You can freely choose the location and size of the zone.

    You can freely choose the location and size of the zone.

    (Photo: kwe)

    After the update, geofencing can be found in both the Android and iOS apps using the 3-dot menu at the top right. Before you can use the new function, you must first grant the application permanent access to the exact location. The principle of geofencing is that an action is triggered as soon as you enter or leave a defined zone, the size of which is determined by the set radius.

    The zone is usually the radius of the home Fritzbox, but the zone can also be located elsewhere. The minimum size is 100 meters, there are no upper limits. Setting the location and radius is one of the first steps when creating a new flow. You also give the action a name and specify whether it should be carried out when entering or leaving the zone.

    Create templates and scenarios

    The next step is to select a template or scenario. You may not see much here at first, because you have to create options for this in the Fritzbox user interface. You can find them in the menu Smart homeAutomation – create scenario and templates.

    In the templates you can specify accessible settings for individual devices or device groups, such as setting the temperature of the radiator controls, switching sockets on and off or deactivating or activating the WLAN. In principle, different templates are combined in a scenario. For example, you can turn everything off and lower the temperature at the same time when you travel.

    Everything you create in the Fritzbox user interface can then be seen in the options for a geofencing process in the FritzApp SmartHome. You can select one or more of them and then save the process by clicking Ready is typing.

    Important: You can activate different geofencing processes for different smartphones or tablets. However, only one option is possible per device.

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