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    This is how Nastassja Kinski has changed in over 45 years


    She was in front of the camera as a teenager. Today she is 63 years old: Nastassja Kinski. How has she changed since her breakthrough in 1977?

    In 1977, when she was still a teenager, Nastassja Kinski appeared in “Tatort: ​​Reifezeugnis” from Kiel. She gained notoriety early on through the infamous ARD crime drama. She played the student Sina, who has an affair with her teacher (Christian Quadflieg). A classmate finds out about this, wants to blackmail Sina and demands sex from her in return for his silence. When he becomes aggressive at a meeting in the forest, Sina kills him with a stone.

    The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” spoke of a top work in this TV genre – and praised Kinski as a “discovery that is likely to have career consequences”. The sentence came true. Kinski became successful not only throughout Germany, but internationally. She filmed with directors like Wim Wenders and Roman Polański, worked for fashion magazines and even graced the cover of Time magazine.

    “He was a tyrant”

    When she made her breakthrough, Nastassja Kinski was not yet of legal age. She was born in Berlin in January 1961. Her father was the actor and reciter Klaus Kinski, who died in 1991. After her half-sister Pola's book was published, in which she accused her father of sexual abuse, Nastassja Kinski said she was also terribly afraid of him: “He was a tyrant.”

    Nastassja Kinski used to be quite a big name, and she was particularly successful in the seventies and eighties. She was considered the beautiful, the daring one. Things have become rather quiet now. Every now and then she appears on a red carpet. Most recently, just last Saturday at the German Film Ball in Munich.

    Anyway, you sometimes see her on a quiz show or at an awards ceremony. In 2016 she was a candidate on “Let’s Dance”, where she was eliminated after round seven. She received an honorary award at the Locarno Festival in 2017.

    Kinski is rarely in front of the camera. Last year she appeared in the film “LasVegas”, and the year before that in “The Silent Trabants” and “Homeshopper's Paradise”. There had previously been no productions with Kinski for almost ten years.

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