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    This is how Germany's ESC appearance was received


    Shortly after the starting signal for this year's Eurovision Song Contest was given, Isaak was on stage for Germany. His appearance was eagerly discussed online.

    This year, German ESC fans didn't have to wait long until they saw Germany's performance. After Sweden and Ukraine had performed their titles, Isaak became the third artist to take the stage at the international music competition.

    Just like in the semi-finals, Isaak's performance of “Always On The Run” was accompanied by a fire show and pyrotechnics, but the focus was undoubtedly on the 29-year-old's voice. The musician didn't want to distract from his singing with his styling either and wore black from head to toe – only his silver jewelry provided accents.

    From “very good” to “zero entertaining”

    Immediately after Isaak's performance, the singer received numerous compliments online: “Oops, I suddenly had goosebumps. It's a very good song, great voice. No matter how it ends, it stays,” enthused one viewer on X. ” I love this song, mega”, “I really like the German contribution” and “I think the song is really good and the stage is really cool with the fire,” others stated.

    But there were not only positive voices. The production in particular was not well received by many viewers: “Do these burning garbage cans really have to be there?”, “Embarrassing show. Like the song. Will be in last place again” and “This performance is not entertaining at all,” some users would have liked more Creativity desired.

    In the run-up to the final, Isaak managed to convince the international ESC fans in Malmö. After his appearance in the semi-finals, many raved about the German: “Isaak is the best German candidate since Lena's 'Satellite',” said the Dane Linda in a local t-online survey. “Absolutely incredible, he's great,” said Brit Jay.

    The fact that Isaak became more and more popular with ESC viewers was also reflected in the bookmakers' forecasts: the East Westphalian has climbed further and further up the rankings in the past few days. And at the end of the evening he actually achieved an ESC placement that Germany hasn't experienced for a long time: Isaak came twelfth with 117 points. Switzerland took the victory.

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