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    This heater is more popular than the heat pump


    In the medium term, every homeowner must be able to demonstrate climate-friendly heating. A survey shows which system it should be.

    Many homeowners have the agony of having to change the heating system at some point, but you also have various options when choosing your heating system. There is no majority for a particular system, according to the results of a representative survey carried out by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the BHW building society.

    Homeowners were asked which option they would choose if they had to carry out the exchange at short notice. 18 percent of those surveyed would favor a gas heater that also works with hydrogen, i.e. is H2-ready. Heat pumps are right behind at almost 17 percent, followed by district heating at 16 percent.

    Only seven or six percent would have an oil heater or a pellet stove installed.

    This is what consumers fear most

    In addition to the purchase costs, which around 43 percent of those surveyed fear, there are also worries about choosing the right type of heating and about fully booked craft businesses, both mentioned by ten percent.

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