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    These are the best GPS trackers for dogs


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    These are the best GPS trackers for dogs

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    Stiftung Warentest is testing six GPS trackers for dogs. Four devices perform well, the price-performance winner costs less than 80 euros including a two-year subscription.

    GPS trackers for animals generally perform well. Stiftung Warentest tested six devices in the current “Test” issue (issue 3/2024). Four of them received good overall grades, two received a satisfactory quality assessment. The most expensive device Area Pets from Prothelis (219 euros/two years of use), also achieved victory at the same time. According to the testers, it located very precisely and reliably, was easy to handle and was manufactured flawlessly.

    Price-performance winner Tracker for dogs from food bowl. It costs 76 euros for two years. The testers also found it recommended GPS tracker for dogs from Tractive (170 euros/two years) and the Pet Finder 4G from PAJ (150 euros/two years).

    Many trackers are only available as a package with a subscription, meaning additional costs are added to the purchase price. Stiftung Warentest therefore took into account not only the acquisition costs, but also the usage fees for two years.

    Virtual fence triggers alarm

    This is what you should know: The satellite positioning system (GPS) can be used to reliably determine the direction and speed of objects or animals. However, this only works properly outdoors. According to the inspectors, indoor location is difficult or even impossible.

    Useful: A virtual fence can be set up for most trackers. You can specify an area in the app, such as your own property. If the animal leaves the area, the owner is informed via his app.

    No tracker for items good

    Stiftung Warentest also tested four GPS trackers for objects, none of which went beyond a satisfactory quality rating. It was the best Alcatel Movetrack (120 euros/two years) with an overall grade of 2.6.

    The tracker locates satisfactorily, is very well made and easy to handle. The testers found the battery performance satisfactory.

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