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    These are currently the best printers


    Ink or laser
    These are currently the best printers

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    You can spend 200 euros or even 500 euros on a good printer for your home office, but a high price does not guarantee high quality. Which device is the right one depends on individual priorities and how intensively it is used. Stiftung Warentest helps with purchasing decisions.

    If you want to buy a new printer, you have a huge selection. There are now 264 devices in Stiftung Warentest's test list after 20 new laser printers were added in December. 178 of them are still available, and at least 48 devices have achieved a good quality rating. Which of these is the right one depends on various factors. Do you mainly print text, is photo printing important, should it be color or is black and white enough?

    How often a device is used is also particularly important. If you rarely print, an inexpensive printer with high printing costs can be profitable. Conversely, an expensive device with low printing costs may quickly pay for itself if the output is correspondingly high.

    Most current devices are multifunction printers that can also scan and copy. If you never need the extras, you may get cheaper with a printing specialist, but the price differences to the versatile price-performance winners are not very big.

    Inkjet printer

    The test winner and environmental tip for ink multifunction printers is the one with an overall grade of 2.0 Canon Maxify GX4050, which is offered online from 380 euros. It prints and scans well, and the testers found its copy performance as well as its versatility and handling satisfactory. The device is also the environmental winner in the test field. A page of text only costs 0.3 cents, and wearing parts can be replaced.

    If you want to spend a little less money, you can also choose the second-placed little brother of the test winner. The Canon Maxify GX3050 is available from just 330 euros, performed hardly worse in the test with a quality rating of 2.1, only its versatility is only satisfactory.

    The examiners place this on those who print a lot Epson Ecotank ET-2820 close, which achieved an overall grade of 2.4. For just over 200 euros, it is almost as economical and environmentally friendly as the test winner. If you just want to print, that's it Canon Maxify GX5050 (2.0) the number 1. You can currently get it online from just 155 euros.

    Laser printer

    When it comes to color multifunction printers with laser technology Canon i-Sensys MF657Cdw able to defend its top position against the newcomers with a quality rating of 2.5. With a bit of luck you can find it at prices around 350 euros. It prints and scans well and is versatile. However, the testers found copy performance and toner costs, as well as handling and environmental properties, to be satisfactory.

    Of the other multifunctional color laser printers, no other device achieved a good overall rating or beat the test winner in terms of price-performance or profitability. It's hardly worth buying a color laser printer that doesn't scan and copy. The test winner Canon i-Sensys LBP 722Cdw Although it received an overall grade of 2.1 and prints well, it is not available for less than 450 euros. In addition, Stiftung Warentest rated its toner costs as satisfactory.

    You have to shell out around 390 euros for the best multifunctional black and white printer. The Canon i-SENSYS MF264dw II scored an overall grade of 2.2, prints and scans well, is economical and has good environmental properties. The testers rated versatility and handling as satisfactory.

    If the cost of toner is the all-important purchasing criterion, perhaps this is the case HP LaserJet Tank MFP 1604w worth a look, which is more than very good (0.5) and costs around 240 euros. However, it only received a quality rating of 3.7 because it was only adequately rated as a copier as well as in versatility and handling. Print quality and environmental properties are satisfactory.

    Frugal laser purists

    Pure black and white printers without any extras are generally more economical. The test winner in this category is the Ricoh P311 (2.2), which is available online from 305 euros. The testers rated its consumption as very good, and its print quality, handling and versatility as good.

    If the print quality is secondary, this is for economical users HP Laserjet Tank 2504dw Interesting. Because it only prints satisfactorily and didn't do any better in terms of handling and versatility, it was only enough for an overall grade of 2.9. But it is very economical (0.5) and offers good environmental properties.

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