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    Survey shows: Those who find their living situation terrible


    Whether it’s a house or an apartment: everyone has their own ideas about perfect living happiness. A survey shows whether they are being met and who wants to move.

    Is your apartment too small for you – or even too big? Or don’t you like the cut or the location? A current YouGov survey commissioned by the online portal “Kleinanzeigen” has now shown who is satisfied, who is not and what the reasons are.

    One in five is dissatisfied

    The good news: The majority of those surveyed are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their current living situation (78 percent). 19 percent, i.e. around one in five, are less or dissatisfied. The reasons for this are different. “Too high rent” comes in first place, followed by the unsuitable apartment size. And damage to the apartment (3rd place) also means that many people don’t feel comfortable at home and want to move.

    Net income or even level of education have less of an influence on satisfaction with the living situation. Here, all respondents are equally overwhelmingly happy. However, there are regional differences. 44 percent of Bremen residents are dissatisfied or less satisfied with their living situation.

    Berliners are also in the lower places with 29 percent, followed by people in North Rhine-Westphalia (23 percent). Thuringians are particularly satisfied: 89 percent do not want to give up their home.

    Lots of space per person

    The survey also shows how many square meters of living space most people have available: A full 23 percent live in more than 60 square meters of living space per person. According to the Federal Environment Agency, the average living space per capita is 47.4 square meters.

    Almost one in four people have more available. However, a third also have significantly less than average living space available – at least according to the survey. Here, 37 percent state that they have 40 square meters of living space or less available per person per household.

    Which increases living satisfaction

    By the way, cheap rents or nice neighbors are not the main reasons why people are satisfied with their own living situation. A good location or transport connections came in first place for those surveyed, followed by their own balcony or terrace. However, the size or the room layout also plays an important role and ends up in third place in the ranking.

    Some also state that the odors of the living environment and the energy balance of the apartment also influence their well-being.

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