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    Stefano Zarrella has to leave “Let’s Dance”.


    Even after the Easter break, RTL shows no mercy. For the next celebrity, the journey on “Let’s Dance” is over. This time it happened to Stefano Zarrella.

    Last Friday, RTL did without “Let’s Dance”. The reason for this decision: the ban on dancing on Good Friday. The dance show returned to the program on April 5th and the jury awarded it a lot of points.

    The jurors pulled out their cellar of ten several times. Even Joachim Llambi grabbed full points twice. Gabriel Kelly then achieved what no one else had achieved in this year's season: Angelo Kelly's son was the first candidate this year to receive full points for his tango. Read more about it here.

    Ann-Kathrin Bendixen had less success with the jurors. The influencer danced a quickstep to “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I with her professional Valentin Lusin. The jurors only gave her 16 points for the performance. The 24-year-old ended up in last place on the points list.

    The points at a glance

    • Gabriel Kelly: 30 points
    • Jana Wosnitza: 29 points
    • Detlef D! Soost: 29 points
    • Lulu Lewe: 27 points
    • Mark Keller: 23 points
    • Biyon Kattilathu: 23 points
    • Tony Bauer: 23 points
    • Sophia Thiel: 19 points
    • Stefano Zarrella: 19 points
    • Ann Kathrin Bendixen: 16 points

    But the viewers have the last word – and they saved Ann-Kathrin Bendixen from elimination. She got the fewest points, but not the fewest calls. So another celebrity had to leave the show: Stefano Zarrella.

    19 points for Stefano Zarrella

    The influencer danced a samba to “Moliendo Cafe” by Günther Noris with his partner Mariia Maksina. He received 19 points for the dance, as did Sophia Thiel. Both were wobbling at the end of the show, but only one had to leave.

    Following “Let’s Dance”, RTL showed the “Exclusiv Spezial” dance show. While presenter Frauke Ludowig was talking to Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich, Stefano Zarrella and Mariia Maksina could be seen in the background bursting into tears.

    With his eviction, there are now only nine celebrities left in the running. Who will be “Dancing Star 2024” will be decided in May. Then the big finale of “Let’s Dance” takes place. Last year Anna Ermakova took the win.

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