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    Philipp Plein has a child with another woman shortly after birth


    In October Philipp Plein became a father again. Five months later, he is officially separated from his sons' mother – and is now expecting a child with another woman.

    “Five years full of joy, happiness and unconditional love,” Philipp Plein began his post on Instagram on Saturday. With these words the designer announced his separation from his girlfriend Lucia Bartoli at the weekend. They both decided to make the end of love public now.

    It's not the first separation for Philipp Plein and Lucia. This happened in March 2023. But they gave their love another chance. Vain. “At the end of October we decided it wasn't going to work.” Instead, they have chosen to “continue our relationship as best friends and as the best parents we can be to our children.”

    “We still love each other”

    “We still love and respect each other like we did on the first day of our relationship,” the designer continues. “We will continue to stay together as a happy family for our two wonderful children.” In May 2022, their first child together was born, a boy named Rocket Halo Ocean. Baby number two followed in October 2023: Rouge Sky Galaxy.

    “I am proud and happy that in the future we will continue to be a team that supports each other in good times and bad. And no one will be able to change that, even if we both start a new relationship or a new relationship “We will carry on with our lives,” the post also says.

    As the Austrian daily newspaper “oe24” wrote and now also “Bild” reports, Philipp Plein seems to have already moved on with a new life. The Munich native is set to become a father again five months after the birth of his youngest child. However, not with Lucia, but with the model Andreea Sasu. It would be the fourth child for Philipp Plein. He has a ten-year-old son named Romeo Prince with his ex-girlfriend Fernanda Rigon.

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