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    No new vacuum and mopping robot is good


    Warentest recommends handcrafting
    No new vacuum and mopping robot is good

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    Stiftung Warentest is testing 13 new cleaning robots. Of 9 devices that also have a wiping function, none is better than satisfactory, 2 vacuum cleaners do well. Only one robot is convincing on carpets, but it doesn't stand up to the comparison with hand-held vacuum cleaners either.

    If you don't do vacuuming and mopping floors as a passion or everyday sport, they are annoying household chores that you would happily leave to robots. But the independent helpers quickly reach their limits. Stiftung Warentest has tested 13 new devices and found that they are not real alternatives to manual work. Only two robots are good overall, no vacuum mop is better than satisfactory. If one were to apply the standards of hand-held cordless vacuum cleaners, the examiners would write even worse grades.

    The test winner with a quality rating of 2.1 is the pure vacuum robot Vorwerk VR7, which is very expensive with an average online price of 950 euros. It is the only device that cleans carpets well, and it even does a very good job on hard floors. The testers found the practicality and handling satisfactory.

    With an overall grade of 2.4, it costs around 290 euros Neato D10 hardly weaker. The runner-up gets along well on hard floors and at least cleans carpets satisfactorily.

    Wiping impossible

    The best robot that can vacuum and mop is the Shark RV2600WSEU. Like most vacuum mops, it has a service station that automatically empties and fills the dust and water containers and dries the mop. As a vacuum cleaner, it does a good job on smooth floors and cleans carpets satisfactorily. The Shark is the only device that also wipes well; the testers rated its practicality and handling as satisfactory. Overall, the Shark, which cost around 650 euros, achieved a quality rating of 2.7.

    If you only have hard floors, even the cheapest new vacuum mop is worth a look. It sucks for around 425 euros Medion X50 SW Hard floors good. However, its performance on carpets and its wiping function are only sufficient. Because it maneuvers skillfully through the apartment, it left the test winner behind with a good rating in terms of practical suitability.

    The predecessor did better last year Medion X40 SW (325 euros) with a quality rating of 2.5. However, Stiftung Warentest points out that the test criteria have changed since then; only the suction power is directly comparable. In this category, the robot performed very well on hard floors; the testers found it satisfactory on carpets and as a mop.

    The most expensive device among the new test candidates is the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, which costs an average of 1500 euros. The vacuum mop only received good marks as a vacuum cleaner on hard floors and for its practicality. Warentest only rated the results on carpets as satisfactory, and the wiping function only as sufficient. Overall, it was only enough for an overall grade of 3.6.

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