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    “McLaren-Norris tickled King Max’s nerve”


    Press on the Formula 1 race
    “McLaren-Norris tickled King Max’s nerve”

    The winner of the Formula 1 race at Silverstone is the same as in the previous five Grands Prix: Max Verstappen. This causes boredom, but the surprise second makes up for it. The international press therefore especially praises Lando Norris in the McLaren.

    Great Britain

    “The Sun”: “Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris did their best to put on a good show for the 160,000 fans who packed Silverstone. The two exchanged blows for the title of best runner-up while Max Verstappen again proved too strong. “

    “Daily Mail”: “Verstappen did what he does so often: he won and extended his lead at the top of the championship to 99 points. That’s six wins in a row and his eighth win of the season. Red Bull’s invincibility – Sergio Pérez won the other two Racing in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan – will continue in Hungary. Eleven wins in a row for Red Bull to level them with McLaren. Records continue to tumble.”

    “The Guardians”: “Verstappen won, of course. Cynics might now ask: when won’t he? But behind him, the British veteran Lewis Hamilton met Lando Norris, the young savage who adored him growing up. Together they provided the fireworks, that saved the race.”


    “Marca”: “Max Verstappen won the British Grand Prix by the smallest margin of the season so far. He was just 3.9 seconds ahead of the amazing Lando Norris.”

    “Mundo Deportivo”: “Six wins in a row, eight wins in the previous ten races. Nobody can beat Max Verstappen.”

    “Ace”: “Norris and Hamilton put on the show, victory was for the eternal winner.”


    “Corriere dello Sport”: “It’s Verstappen’s sixth win of the season. It was expected, but it wasn’t as clear as on other occasions.”

    Gazzetta dello Sport: “The British Grand Prix lasted five laps – that’s how long it took Max Verstappen to recover from Lando Norris’ rocket launch.”


    “L’Equipe”: “House party for Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone. With a bit of luck, he made it onto the podium at his favorite track for the 14th time in his career in third place behind Verstappen and Norris.”


    “Crown Newspaper”: “Red Bull makes history with Verstappen victory.”

    “Courier”: “Now the next record in Formula 1 is due. Max Verstappen won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday, giving Red Bull its eleventh win in a row across the seasons. Only one team in Formula 1 has managed a similar series so far: McLaren with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in the 1988 season.”


    “View”: “Excitement finally back. McLaren-Norris tickled King Max’s nerve. At Red Bull and Verstappen, the champagne for defending the world title will be cold in mid-July. Frustration for many fans, but things are happening behind the Dutchman. But still without Ferrari.”

    “Daily Gazette”: “The Briton (Norris) has a wonderful home race, until shortly before the end he still has to worry about his podium place. But in the end he becomes the man of the day. Only the championship leader is faster.”

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