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    Markus Söder’s daughter receives ridicule for Photoshop glitch


    Markus Söder and his daughter Gloria attended the “A Heart for Children” gala. Both shared photos of the evening – but these had some differences.

    Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder appeared at the “A Heart for Children” gala for a good cause accompanied by his daughter Gloria-Sophie Burkandt and even took a seat at the donation telephone. It was a special evening for father and daughter, which they then shared impressions of on social media. However, the 24-year-old was caught making an editing faux pas.

    The politician had posted several pictures in which he can be seen next to his daughter. In the photos, the 56-year-old wears a simple blue suit with a pink tie. His daughter came in a green and blue sequin dress. To see all photos, you must click to the right on the Instagram post.

    Gloria-Sophie Burkandt also published several photos in which she can be seen with her father, among others. However, she looks very different in it: In her version, the young woman shines with flawless skin, full lips and soft facial features – but in the original, which her father had previously shared, her face looks much more natural. Apparently she edited the photos a little.

    “Would never recognize her”

    The followers also noticed the obvious differences. Although Gloria-Sophie Burkandt deactivated the comment function on her profile, the matter was discussed even more under Markus Söder’s post and also on TikTok. “We should have agreed on this beforehand,” someone wrote. “I see two different people,” another person stated. “Awesome, I would never recognize her here, or the other way around on her account,” agreed one subscriber. “Wow, that’s really really sad,” said another user.

    Many users couldn’t understand why Gloria-Sophie Burkandt retouched her face at all. “I don’t understand why she’s even editing the picture when she already looks so good,” one person wrote. She herself hasn’t commented on it yet.

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