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    Logitech MX Brio makes users look sharp


    With the MX Brio, Logitech sells a high-end web camera that makes users look sharp in video conferences and live streaming and is intended to put them in the right picture. In the practical test it shows that it can do this in almost all lighting conditions.

    In autumn 2022, really liked the Logitech Brio 500, which later became the test winner among the web cameras at Stiftung Warentest. Expectations were correspondingly high for the MX Brio, which the manufacturer itself certified as “top performance”. In the practical test it proves its qualities with sharp images and high light intensity. But at around 230 euros you have to pay a high price for it.

    Noble aluminum dress, confusing software

    The thick USB-C cable is quite stubborn. The thick USB-C cable is quite stubborn.

    The thick USB-C cable is quite stubborn.

    (Photo: kwe)

    You can see that the Logitech MX Brio is high-end from its elegant aluminum housing and the lens, which is powerful for webcams. It is also quite heavy at 137 grams, which is why you should ensure that the mounting clip fits well on the monitor. Another reason for this is a stubborn, thick USB-C cable that quickly pushes the camera out of the correct position without a secure fit. It's no problem if you screw the camera onto a tripod, for which it has a thread on the underside.

    The setup is generally quick and computers usually recognize the camera immediately. However, the Logitech Options+ software or, for the special case of streaming games, G Hub is required for firmware updates and settings. No problem, it's done quickly. However, you won't find the “RightSight” option there, which automatically keeps you in the center of the image when you move. This currently only works if you also install the LogiTune software, with which you can also adjust the resolution and all other settings. This is confusing and unnecessary, Logitech should quickly find a uniform solution here.

    Excellent automatic, enormous light intensity

    When you turn the lens, a shutter opens or closes. When you turn the lens, a shutter opens or closes.

    When you turn the lens, a shutter opens or closes.

    (Photo: kwe)

    If you have “RightSight” activated, it works very well. The same goes for automatic white balance, automatic exposure or noise reduction, which do a great job with AI support. If you want, you can regulate everything yourself, but the automatic and basic settings have proven themselves in the test. Also worth highlighting is the excellent autofocus, which reacts quickly and precisely.

    The brightness of the MX Brio, which according to Logitech is due to the sensor's particularly large pixels, is impressive. Even in completely darkened rooms, the light from the PC monitor is enough to be well illuminated. Even the background is so bright when HDR is activated that details such as book titles can be seen.

    Super sharp and almost noise-free

    What is equally impressive is that the camera delivers an almost noise-free image even under these conditions and with true colors to boot. Conversely, the MX Brio also handles backlighting confidently, even when the sun is behind you. Rapidly changing lighting conditions are also no problem for them.

    For presentation mode, simply tilt the camera down. For presentation mode, simply tilt the camera down.

    For presentation mode, simply tilt the camera down.

    (Photo: kwe)

    If you want, you can use the full 4K resolution even in low light, which mercilessly shows every wrinkle and every skin imperfection. 2K is usually more than sufficient, but you can also downshift to Full HD or HD. The refresh rate is between 30 and 60 Hertz (Hz).

    You can also set the field of view to 65, 78 or 90 degrees, enlarge or zoom out the image or, if the field of view is smaller, move your own position in the image if “RightSight” is not activated. If you are not using the camera or do not want to be in the picture temporarily, you can turn the lens to close it with a cover.

    Good tone

    The presentation mode is also practical: If you point the MX Brio downwards on the desk, the image is automatically mirrored. This means that conversation partners can read documents stored there, follow notes, etc.

    The webcam provides good sound to go along with the excellent picture. It has integrated two beamforming microphones, which block out disturbing ambient noise quite effectively. Although you don't sound as full as with external microphones, you can still be heard clearly by people you're talking to.


    The Logitech MX Brio delivers an excellent and, if desired, ultra-sharp image in any lighting situation. It has excellent autofocus, can keep users in the picture independently and has a useful trick in presentation mode. However, the price of just under 230 euros is steep.

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