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    Kloeppel and von der Groeben comment on their farewell


    After more than 30 years, Peter Kloeppel and Ulrike von der Groeben are calling it quits. In their latest “RTL aktuell” issue they informed viewers.

    At 6 p.m. “Stern” reported that Peter Kloeppel and Ulrike von der Groeben were leaving “RTL aktuell” after more than 30 years. Less than an hour later, both of them were flashing the news program on the screens.

    At exactly 6:45 p.m., the 65-year-old and the sports presenter, who was one year older than him, greeted the viewers in front of the screens. He chose a dark suit and paired it with a red tie. She also chose a pants suit and wore a pink shirt under the blazer.

    “It's 6.45 p.m. Here's the news on RTL and of course there's sport again today on the show with Ulrike von der Groeben,” said Peter Kloeppel right at the beginning of the latest edition. He initially remained silent about the surprising moderation exit. Instead, it continued with topics such as “neo-Nazis in the Bundestag” and the “serious manhunt” during the arrest of the RAF terrorist Daniela Klette.

    “The farewell doesn’t happen so quickly”

    Only shortly before the end of the program did Peter Kloeppel and Ulrike von der Groeben comment on their upcoming farewell. “And if you somehow noticed today that Peter and I are leaving 'RTL aktuell': That's true! But not until August,” the 66-year-old explained to the viewers.

    Her colleague added: “Exactly. Until then you'll have us for a while. We'll be back for you tomorrow.” Peter Kloeppel also added: “The farewell doesn’t happen so quickly.” However, Ulrike von der Groeben can already see him getting closer: “Coming, Peter. Coming.” Then the edition ended and the program continued with “Everything that counts”.

    Peter Kloeppel and Ulrike von der Groeben will remain with viewers until the end of August. The presenter then wants to devote himself to other things and spend more time with his family, he explained to “Stern”. His wife and daughter live in America.

    However, it is not known why his colleague is leaving “RTL aktuell”. The two were in front of the camera together for the news program for more than 30 years. Now an era is coming to an end.

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