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    Jury announces change – stars are disappointed


    The sixth episode of “Let’s Dance” will air next week. A new challenge awaits the celebrities in this edition.

    Before the announcement, the jurors had something to say. Joachim Llambi wanted to prepare the candidates for the coming week. Because the celebrities are expecting a change. “We do our popular partner switch,” said the 59-year-old. The partner swap happened for the first time last year.

    And this year too, RTL is completely mixing up the couples. “The partner switch is popular, but to be honest it's only mediocre for us, for couples,” said Daniel Hartwich about this decision. In fact, the candidates are not at all enthusiastic about this change. “I’m not happy about it,” said Detlef D! Soost, who dances with Ekaterina Leonova – and received 29 points on Friday.

    The points at a glance

    • Gabriel Kelly: 30 points
    • Jana Wosnitza: 29 points
    • Detlef D! Soost: 29 points
    • Lulu Lewe: 27 points
    • Mark Keller: 23 points
    • Biyon Kattilathu: 23 points
    • Tony Bauer: 23 points
    • Sophia Thiel: 19 points
    • Stefano Zarrella: 19 points
    • Ann Kathrin Bendixen: 16 points

    It has not yet been decided who will float across the dance floor with whom next Friday. Last year, RTL announced the news two days after the announcement in the live show. This year too, the station could announce the new couples on Sunday. Because on this day the celebrities start training again for the next edition.

    Stefano Zarrella had to leave the dance show on Friday evening. With his eviction, there are now only nine celebrities left in the running. Who will be “Dancing Star 2024” will be decided in May. Then the big finale of “Let’s Dance” takes place. Last year Anna Ermakova took the win.

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