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    “It’s actually up and down.”


    Marina Marx has had a turbulent year. Career-wise things went uphill. But the singer also made it public in 2023 that she was living with an illness. How is she doing with that?

    Pop musician Marina Marx made it public in the spring that doctors diagnosed her with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS for short, over three years ago (you can read more about the disease here). The 33-year-old spoke to t-online about the extent to which the disease, which many women of childbearing age suffer from, affects their everyday lives and why it was so important to her to inform her fans about the diagnosis.

    t-online: To what extent did you find it difficult to talk about your diagnosis of PCOS syndrome in front of the camera?

    Marina Marx: To be honest, it wasn’t difficult for me to talk about PCOS syndrome, as it has always been and continues to be important to me to be open about such things. As a public figure, I feel responsible for speaking about intimate topics. In addition, many women are affected by this disease, including those in my circle of friends and social media. It’s good to exchange ideas and encourage each other.

    How have you been coping with your illness since then?

    It’s actually ups and downs – the problems with acne, weight, menstrual irregularities and hormone fluctuations, I also struggle with severe PMS symptoms and sometimes have the feeling as to whether I should also get tested for endometriosis . However, I don’t want to complain, there are women out there who also have insulin resistance and have to constantly take hormones.

    How much space does PCOS take up in your life?

    Depending on how badly I’m struggling with the symptoms, it puts more or less strain on me and therefore takes up more of the time I have to deal with myself.

    Do you have any restrictions in your everyday life?

    In any case. I try to stick to eating as few carbohydrates as possible. For example, I try to avoid wheat flour completely. No refined sugar, little fruit. Diet helps you reduce symptoms somewhat.

    You also said in your video in the spring that you may need to be treated for a cell change in your uterus. Was that ultimately the case or not?

    Yes, exactly. I have had a positive HPV value for almost two years, and many women have this too. Since the value hasn’t improved after over a year, I went to a specialist who took a biopsy of my uterus to see to what extent the tissue had changed. Thank God the result was negative. I still have to go to my gynecologist every six months and have a smear test.

    On your Instagram page you introduce yourself as a rock lady and feminist. Keyword: equality – what still needs to be done in your industry in this regard?

    Almost three years ago I put together a new team and feel very, very comfortable when it comes to equality. My producers Julian Breucker and Sebastian Steinhauser are my age and work with me very respectfully and on an equal level – I really appreciate that. Likewise my songwriters and the entire team. There are differences of opinion in every job and we always manage to find a compromise, which is also very important to me. That’s why I don’t want to complain. The same applies when dealing with my colleagues.

    What should your music and what should your performances give the fans?

    My music should give people strength, boost their self-esteem – remind them to enjoy life. And if things don’t go well, get back up! There will also be some songs on my upcoming album that aim to do just that.

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