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    iOS 18 is supposed to be a big thing


    On June 10, Apple is releasing its first glimpses of iOS 18. According to reports, it could be “the most ambitious update ever” to the iPhone operating system. Among other things, there will be major changes to the home screen and numerous new AI functions.

    Apple has announced that this year's developer conference will start on June 10th. Spectacular new hardware, like last year's Vision Pro data glasses, is not expected this time, but it could still be a very exciting developer conference. For a long time now there has been an extensive iOS update, and according to reports it could even be “the most ambitious update of all time”.

    “It's going to be Absolutely Incredible” (“It will be absolutely incredible”), said Apple's marketing boss Greg Joswiak at the announcement. AI stands for artificial intelligence (AI), which Mark Gurman at “Bloomberg” sees as a clear allusion to the fact that corresponding innovations are a focus of the upcoming iPhone operating system will be iOS 18.

    This is not surprising, because Apple is under pressure to act and the smartphone competition has clearly presented itself. Google's Pixel 8 devices are the furthest along, Samsung has gone on the AI ​​offensive with the Galaxy S24 series, Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers are also further ahead than Apple.

    Billions invested in AI, but Apple still needs help

    However, the company will probably hardly rely on its own resources. Apple is working on its own large language model (Large Language Model/LLM), which will be called “Ajax” and, according to “Bloomberg”, is pumping a billion dollars into the project every year. Job advertisements are also a clear indication of this. Recently, according to “MacRumors”, Apple's AI researchers even made a breakthrough by using iPhones' flash memory for LLMs. In February, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the effort and said he would provide details later in the year. However, your own LLM will not play a role yet.

    There are reports that Apple wants to work with Google or Microsoft, and according to “The Wall Street Journal” there are even talks with the Baidu Group in order to be able to offer AI functions in China. But “9to5Mac” isn’t in the clear yet.

    Lots of support for Siri

    Even without its own LLM, iOS 18 should receive a number of new AI functions. “MacRumors” has put together what these could be:

    • In Apple Music, playlists could be created based on user input. This can be, among other things, a mood specified in the Health app under “Mental Well-Being”.
    • Users could receive AI assistance when writing in Pages or creating slides in Keynote.
    • Developers may get help writing AI code in Xcode.
    • An AI-improved Spotlight search is very realistic.
    • The digital assistant Siri could respond more naturally to messages or conduct conversations with AI help. In general, it could better adapt to individual user needs (personalization).
    • The integration of shortcuts aims to allow users to automate complex or multi-step tasks using voice-based commands.

    “Biggest home screen overhaul in years”

    While some AI features may be reserved for the upcoming Pro models with the new A18 chip, a drastic design change is likely to come to all devices with iOS 18. Gurman and other insiders assume that users under iOS 18 will be able to personalize the home screen much more than is currently the case.

    According to information from “MacRumors”, it should be possible, among other things, to place app icons and widgets anywhere on the screen. Users may even be able to choose different spacing between elements or even change the size of the symbols. This isn't anything special for Android users, but for iOS, according to MacRumors, the update could be “the biggest overhaul of the home screen in years.”

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