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    Images show what the iPhone 16 quartet looks like


    With completely new button
    Images show what the iPhone 16 quartet looks like

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    Photos appear on the Internet that are supposed to show dummies and protective cases for the upcoming iPhone 16 models. If they are real, there are some noticeable design changes, including an exciting new button that was previously shown in engineering drawings.

    Although Apple will most likely not present its new iPhones until September, it is almost traditional for there to be a number of leaks in the spring that reveal a lot about the upcoming 16s. These include computer drawings, images of alleged protective covers and now also photos that are supposed to show dummies of the four variants.

    The new record button can be clearly seen in this drawing. The new record button can be clearly seen in this drawing.

    The new record button can be clearly seen in this drawing.

    (Photo: 91Mobiles)

    Around four weeks ago, the website “91Mobiles” presented alleged construction drawings of the iPhone 16 Pro. At first glance, the design appears to be unchanged except for a slightly larger action button. But in one view you can see another button under the power switch on the right. This is said to be a new record button that has already been mentioned in rumors. According to “The Information” it should not only serve as a trigger. Equipped with touch sensors, you can supposedly also focus or zoom with it.

    Even the normal ones have a record button

    The fact that something is probably also happening with the standard variants can be seen in a photo of protective covers published by the leaker Sonny Dickson. Accordingly, the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus again have cameras arranged vertically instead of diagonally, which is reminiscent of the iPhone X. “MacRumors” suspects that this is due to the fact that the devices can only record spatial videos for Apple's Vision Pro data glasses. So far only the current Pro versions are capable of this.

    It's not surprising that the upcoming standard devices will also have an action button – Apple often gives new standard devices functions that were previously reserved for the Pros. What is somewhat surprising, however, is that the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus apparently already have a record button on the right side.

    Pros have bigger and better screens

    Newly surfaced photos of metal dummies, also by Sonny Dickson, seem to confirm this published on X became. What you can't see: According to “MacRumors”, the new top models will have larger screens. The display on the iPhone 16 Pro should measure 6.3 inches and on the Pro Max 6.9 inches. The current devices have 6.1 and 6.7 inch panels.

    The new Pros should also be larger overall. The difference is supposedly minimal, which could be due to new displays with even thinner bezels than before. The OLED screens are also said to work more efficiently and may have microlenses (Micro Lens Array/MLA), which would also increase their brightness.

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