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    “I don’t know how I would ever raise that amount of money.”


    Claudia Norberg has debts of over three million euros in Germany. Now Michael Wendler's ex commented in detail about her financial situation for the first time.

    Claudia Norberg had lived quite withdrawnly over the past few years and had not commented on her financial situation. But now she is being unusually open about this. “The debts exist from the time with my ex-husband,” she tells RTL and explains: “We lived beyond our means. When the income decreased, you could no longer pay your liabilities.” The couple would have had fixed costs of 25,000 euros per month.

    Claudia Norberg explains that she bore most of the responsibility: “The company that existed at the time was in my name. All liabilities are in my name. So I left the marriage with excessive indebtedness.”

    Claudia Norberg earns $18 an hour

    The reality TV participant doesn't know how she's going to pay off the debt, she says. “I won't make that much money in my entire life. I don't know how I would ever raise that amount in my life. If I won the lottery, I would definitely give the money to my creditors,” she assures .

    However, it seems unlikely at this point that the former model will raise such large sums of money. According to her own statement, Claudia Norberg is barely making ends meet. She works full-time at a vacation home rental company, where she gets paid around $18 an hour. “Has money [früher] didn't play a role. Now I have to look at which days I have to take out the trash and how I pay my electricity and water bills.”

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