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    How to register your balcony power plant


    The registration process for plug-in solar devices, so-called balcony power plants, has been made easier with the solar package. But how exactly does it work?

    With balcony power plants you can generate electricity even without your own roof, for example on the balcony of your rented apartment. Have you just purchased such a plug-in solar device? Then you must register it in the Federal Network Agency's market data register within one month of commissioning. The industry association Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg points this out.

    Registration is free of charge. The recently adopted solar package has also made it easier.

    Registration is online

    First, go to the start page of the market master data register ( There, via the menu items “Registration of a system or a market player” and “Registration of a solar system”, you get to the menu item “Plug-in solar system (so-called balcony power plant)”.

    You then have to register as a user with your name and address, enter the location of the system, the date of commissioning, the total output of the modules, the inverter output and the number of the electricity meter.

    Registration with the network operator is unnecessary

    However, the separate registration of the system with the grid operator, which was previously necessary, is no longer necessary. The grid operator is automatically informed about the plug-in solar device after registration in the market master data register.

    By the way: If you don't want to enter your system in the market data register yourself, you can also commission an authorized person to do it, explains the Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg. If you need help, you can also find an explanatory video on the market data register website – under the “Registration help” section.

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