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    Heating oil portals: This is recommended by Stiftung Warentest


    Buying heating oil is always a bit of a gamble: Should I buy it now? Or should I wait? However, choosing the right heating oil portal is also important.

    If you want to heat cheaply in winter, you have to keep an eye on heating oil prices all year round and buy at the right time. But that's not all: the seller also plays an important role in whether the heating material ends up in your tank cheaply or expensively.

    The best way to achieve both is to choose the right heating oil portal. Stiftung Warentest has examined five of them and found out which portal customers rely on best. The result: By choosing the right portal, customers save several hundred euros.

    The comparison showed that the prices on the portal were often the cheapest. In some cases they were up to 384 euros (for an order quantity of 2,000 liters) lower than those on the most expensive comparison portal. However, the portal is less suitable for a short-term express order, according to the testers. This is because the surcharge charged for this is sometimes quite high. You can find out which portal is suitable instead on However: with a little luck and patience, heating oil customers can also find suppliers whose delivery time is just a few working days – at no extra charge.

    Stiftung Warentest advises not only keeping an eye on the prices of the dealers on the respective portals. Your current heating oil dealer may also have good offers and serve as a benchmark for prices. And: The testers also recommend activating the price alarm on the portal you are using. This also helps you save several hundred euros.

    The testers from Stiftung Warentest compared the prices for different order quantities between 2,000 and 10,000 liters of heating oil on six different working days in April and May. Six sample locations in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony were also selected for the test.

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